I'm posting a spotlight on some of my favorite Essential Summer products that I'm enjoying right now which are perfect for use during hot weather and must have for smooth glowing summer skin and hair. They are just a few of the ones that I can't live without so far that have really made my life easier in beating the city heat.  I'll do another post on some more summer faves soon but in the meantime I've already reviewed items seen here so if your interested in learning more about them feel free to check out my reviews by searching the links in the blogs sidebar. What are some of the essentials beauty products you can't live without this time of year? Stay beautiful! XOXO

First up is my absolute favorite scrub, The Rub, from Splurge Skincare. It's natural, smells amazing and really gets rid of all that dead skin. This is a perfect product to use in conjunction with the new Emjoi eRase tweezer epilator (featured above). You'll get super smooth skin you'll want to show off. Emjoi also makes a life changing foot smoother, the Micro-Pedi. It really brings your feet back to baby smooth innocence. Seriously, I can't live without it. The best thing is that Emjoi is a super affordable brand so everyone can buy these products. I also love the ProFoot Pedi-Rock foot smoothing stone when I need a quick touch up on the go. It works just as nice as the micro-pedi and cost under ten dollars. Oro Fluido vanilla and amber hair oil was a product I discovered when it was given to me as a Christmas gift in a box set. It's the most luscious hair oil that soothes and tames my curly hair in unbearable humidity and it smells fantastic. I believe this product is from Spain but can be ordered at fine salons online. For my skin, I'm indulging in the Boscia Calming mask for when the heat irritates and reddens my cheeks. This gentle mask soothes my skin and rids my face of the redness. For all over my body, I'm using Victoria's Secret Love Spell Shower oil and body oil spray. I find they're both light enough to handle the heat without any overpowering scent while leaving my skin beautifully scented and silky soft. For my make-up, I've really been using less lately and now more than ever because I hate that make-up feel and look when it's hot outside so mostly I'm using my Sephora Pantone Orchid gel lipstick and the matching blush palette. It's perfect for adding a touch of color while giving you a soft natural glowing look. I'm also into the Tarte MATTEnificent Amazonian clay eye shadow palette. The pigments are soft, it's really lightweight and it feels like your hardly wearing anything while emphasizing your eyes naturally. My DDF moisturizing elixir serum is a perfect base under my moisturizer that acts as a primer to set my foundation for a longer lasting fresh finish in any type of weather. It's not oily at all and makes my skin feel smooth. This serum is kind of expensive but worth it especially if you have dry skin. And Lastly, my Cappelli Straworld sun hat is a fashionable touch for backyard BBQ's and outings for protecting my hair from the the sun's heat and dangerous rays. I love that it comes with it's own adorable storage clutch.



  1. That Boscia mask is really good :) I need to buy it again :)
    Enjoy the rest of your summer!! :)

  2. I love the Boscia mask and I really want to try the erase tweezer but it's not on sale at the site.


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