April 3, 2013


my pale skin with balm  (yes that pale people)
 balm blended in (my pastiness is gone)

 After reading my past recent review for the new Boscia Light B.B. Cream (check my sidebar link) hope you guy's had a chance to try it out for yourselves. Up for review today is the new Boscia B.B. Cream Bronze product. It really adds a warm tan look to fair skin tones and I'm thinking it deepens or enhances medium to darker skin tones better. Please read more about this below.

A one-step wonder that creates a lustrous, flawless finish as it hydrates, firms, and soothes the skin. Oil-free botanical formula to promote skin elasticity and reduce the look of fine line. Features SPF 27 sun protection. Comes in one universal lustrous shade. B.B. Cream is the ultimate multifunctional treatment. The gentle botanical formula creates a lustrous, flawless finish as it hydrates, firms, and soothes the skin. It helps to diminish the appearance of pores, fine lines, and uneven skintone while providing long-wearing, natural coverage that conceals imperfections. The self-adjusting shade warms to complement most skintones, and delivers a sun-kissed complexion with just a hint of shimmer. Packed with antioxidants, B.B. Cream is designed to repair damage and protect skin from future damage without irritation. 

Pro: adds sun glow kiss to skin, SPF 27 sun protection, one universal shade, no glitter, no smell, affordable, cruelty free, travel friendly, no mess tube, repairs damage, protects skin, firms lines, leaves no residue

Con: can only wear this on my super pale skin tone if it's an all over body cream

Formula: this bronze balm blends nicely into the skin but you have to really rub it in so the product leaves no trace of unevenness shading. It's a little on the thick side and could have had more of an emollient feel to it but it's not dry or anything like that. I love that it has no weird smells and it does not stain or leave any residue behind like some bronze products do. The thing is for me I can't wear this on my face alone unless it's made into a total body product or else my face is dramatically darker than the rest of my body. The only way I could get away with this would be if I were wearing a turtleneck and you see just my face exposed.

Bottom Line: In my opinion it works best for medium to darker skin tones or at the very least women with light skin not as fair as my own. As you can see in my swatch above it's too dark for my face. Although if it were a total body product then I could match up my face and body with this nice bronze shade. It's cruelty free, easy to use, no weird smell or sticky residue left behind for those of you who find this complimentary to your own skin tone. Do you guy's like bronzers in the summertime? Have you tried Boscia's  B.B. creams? Stay beautiful! XOXO

Product was sent to me for my consideration, my reviews are genuine and my own opinion
Availability: Sephora Boscia BB Cream Bronze $38 1.75 oz


  1. Sounds good and think I might be able to work with this shade.

  2. my skin is as white as yours! heheh xx

  3. I prefer to use bronze creams on my legs rather than my face. This sounds decent enough though.

  4. Wow, it really added some warmth to your skin! I like this product.

  5. Sounds nice, but I don’t know. Like you I like an allover bronzer.
    I do love bronzer in the summer tho, especially for my legs. They never see the light of day until summer LOL

  6. I'm guessing that I would be to dark for me too.

  7. It does look nice on the legs but it's a small tube and made for face application. XOXO

  8. I also think it would be too dark for my face but the leg cream idea sounds good.

  9. This might actually work for me during my summer tan days.

  10. My skin is extremely pale with a yellow base and sorry to say it will not look good on me. :D

  11. OMG, this looks like it could make an awesome wash off bronzer!

  12. Sounds like a good Bronzer.


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