October 30, 2012

Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen Halloween Candy Infused Vodka

Firstly, I wanted to express my sadness for all the victims who have lost their lives in this horrific hurricane, my prayers go out to all the families. And prayers to all those people who lost their homes in that terrible massive fire in Queens last night. I know I was complaining about my dumb uprooted tree and all the property damage but I have to say my neighborhood experienced the less severe aspect of this brutal storm. Thank God it's over and now we can start putting back together the pieces. I hope everyone is safe and has their power restored quickly.

Due to the Hurricane mess I didn't have time to add a thorough product review so I'll be adding a quick and fun post on Halloween Candy Infused Vodka from my favorite Food Network TV star, Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen. If you have never seen her series check her out because it's definitely not your mother's cooking show. She's funny, fierce and can really throw down in the kitchen. This recipe for her candy vodka was part of this year's Halloween special and is a really fabulous idea to turn cocktail hour with the girlies into a drink fest for your sweet tooth. I promise to resume my usual posting soon and to announce the winners. Please have patience. Thank you. Stay beautiful! XOXO

Infused vodka
3 cups premium vodka
1/3 cup peach gummies
1/3 cup sour cherry balls
1/3 cup lemon and lime gummy bears

Sour Cherry Cola
Lime slices

Vodka Lemonade 
Fresh mint
Lemon soda
Gummy bears for garnish

Peach Ring Martini
Fresh orange juice
Splash of cranberry
Peach ring for garnish

Recipe tools
6 mason jars
Highball glass
Whiskey glass
Swizzle stick
Martini glass
Directions Making the infused vodka: To a jar add 1 cup vodka and peach gummies. Repeat with 2 more jars, filling with cherry balls and gummy bears. Let it sit for two days, shaking three times a day (just hum the tune). Strain through a cheesecloth into three clean mason jars.

Making the sour cherry cola: To a highball glass add ice, an ounce of sour cherry ball vodka, a few lime slices and top off with cola.

Making the Vodka Lemonade: To a whiskey glass add ice, an ounce of lemon and lime vodka, lemonade, fresh mint, and top with a splash of lemon soda. Garnish with gummy bears impaled on a swizzle stick.

Making the peach martini: To a martini glass add ice, an ounce of peach ring vodka, fresh orange juice, and a splash of cranberry. Garnish with a peach ring.

It’s Halloween, and just because you’re not going door to door for candy or pranking, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some of the sweetness this holiday has to offer. Sip responsibly, or end up with your shoe stuck in the neighbors jack-o-lantern, your choice. Happy Halloween!



  1. Great idea! I could use a couple of drinks right now. Thankfully the weather is settling down again. <3

  2. I love Nadia! She rocks!

  3. Thanks for posting the recipes. The Cooking Channel posted all of her food recipes but not the drink recipes. I did a google search and found your blog.

  4. Thanks for posting this! I was looking for some
    really good vodka infused drink recipes. The
    premade bottles are expensive.

  5. I'm definitely going to use these recipes over the holidays!

  6. These candy cocktails sound so good! I love the description on one of them, gummies impaled on a swizzle stick,:DDD

  7. LOL, yeah the impaled gummies is funny. You should catch the rerun episode if you have the chance. She is a RIOT. xoxo

    Tmaror1, your welcome. New members always welcome xoxo

  8. Bitchin Kitchen is bitchin! -aida-

  9. I have never heard of this cook, her drink recipe sounds pretty cool!

  10. I see this post is popular. Over 300 views in two days. I guess everyone is getting their drink on. LOL XOXO

  11. OMG That sounds SO delicious, will have to try this sometimes, maybe tonight for my birthday party?

  12. LOL Nadia! She is so fun a corky! I need to watch her more often.

  13. I know she's crazy and what about the weird spice dude? LOL


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