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I'm sure you guy's remember me mentioning this product awhile back, well the lovely and well known designer Chris Notti of Bona Notti sleep mask's was gracious enough to send me one piece for my consideration. She even allowed me to choose the style of my choice which was really hard to do. The designs, colors and patterns are all so beautiful but in the end an arrow struck my heart for the Bona Notti Purple Butterfly Sleep Mask. This is one of the many new styles listed in the collection. With Eastern opulence on trend right now + my love for all things Asian it was the perfect pick. And it's purple... My review is 100% honest and  my own opinion.

Bona Notti Purple Butterfly Sleep Mask New!  
Silk Print, silk lined back. Padded with pure cotton.
Care: Machine or hand wash, Air dry flat. $24
 Handmade in the USA  

Bona Notti eye masks are made from 100% silk on the back and pure cotton on the inside. And, they are hypoallergenic. Each and every Bona Notti sleep mask is made like a beautiful, handmade garment for your eyes. Most other sleep masks are made with synthetic materials, which dont provide the same level of comfort and skin protection that silk does. Bona Notti sleep masks are made from silk which is extremely gentle and soft. Another thing that makes Bona Notti eye masks so comfortable is that there is no heavy binding around the edges to push against your face. Also, the lace that is used on the back of the mask is soft and color coordinated with the design on the front of the mask. This soft elastic lace is very gentle, so you can turn and roll without really even knowing its there.

Pro: comfortable, easy to travel, lightweight, helps prevent eye wrinkles, 45 designs, hand sewn real silk, washable, reusable and keeps if cared for

Con: must be careful in handling because fabric is delicate

My results: I'll start with how it felt when wearing the mask at night which was really comfortable. The elastic band in the back was not tight nor did it feel like my circulation was being cut off. The genuine silk material is very light and soft. It blocks out total light which for me is important because any hint of light anywhere in my room and I can't sleep. I'm an insomniac and little things like that bother me, I even have to unplug all my electronics because just the smallest light from a radio or my cable box I toss and turn. I have black out shades in my room but once your eyes adjust to the darkness it still appears to be bright in the room. At least for me anyway, I have wolf-bat eyes. With the mask on, it solved the problem for me, total black out and restful sleep. 

Another bonus is that this silky mask helps cushion the delicate area around your eyes to prevent wrinkles from forming. You know when you smoosh your face against the pillow at night then wake up with weird lines on your face, well this helps that around the eyes. Also, if you often travel on airplanes or even like to meditate during yoga this can come in handy as well. The only minus I can think of which worries me is to make sure I take care and protect the fabric from snagging, it's gorgeous and delicate. So just remember to handle with care. Until I find a nice case or pouch to store it in I'm going to use the plastic tube that was sent along as a protective case.

Bottom line: A gorgeous hand sewn genuine silk piece of art is not only practical in it's function but makes a rather fabulous accessory. It's impeccably constructed and worth the affordable price tag. You should consider giving this as holiday stocking stuffers for all your girlfriends. I was surprised that it didn't cost more than the listed price for this silk beauty and am giving Bona Notti sleep masks a full five starfish rating. There's really not much I could find fault with and other than the care your only problem will be figuring out which style you want! Which design calls out to you? Stay beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Bona Notti $24 45 styles to choose from

COMFORT: 5 stars
PRICE & VALUE:: 5 stars


  1. IMHO,You picked the best one out of the bunch. -aida-

  2. The price is amazing if it's real silk! <3

  3. It reminds me "Breakfast at Tiffany";DD

  4. How lucky for you. I'll need to check this site out. :)

  5. Awww so cute! I have a mask like this but I always forget about it ahah

  6. The fabric looks so silky smooth!!!

  7. I just checked out the website, your so right
    there's so many to choose from. I'm going to
    need more time to pick one out.

  8. Gorgeous! The butterflies are an adorable touch!

  9. They sure beat the boring plain sleep mask's. :-)

  10. $24 is a bargain for something silky like this :DDD

  11. wow, darling, it's gorgeous :D
    i love my sleep mask. it really is one of those things that once you have and are used to, it's hard to live without!

  12. Sassy! It's better than the Breakfast At Tiffanys version!

  13. Oh you had me at hypoallergenic! So cute I love it! I need to get a new mask. I had mine since middle school, which seems forever ago lol.

  14. Lol, that is a long time. Go get yourself a new one girl xoxo


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