August 31, 2011

Hard Candy Stay In Line Eye Liner & Eye Def Shadow

shade-#430 knockout
shade-baby brown sparkle
 smudger upclose
Hard Candy's Fall Collection 2011 includes new and delicious colors just in time for autumn with Stay in Line Precise Mechanical Eyeliner Infused With Growth Serum Shade-Baby Brown Sparkle and Eye Def Molten Metallic Cream Shadow Shade #430 Knockout which were sent to me for consideration. 

As you recall I reviewed Eye Def previously and now Hard Candy revamped the line to carry hot new metallic shades. I'm absolutely in love with both colors and like how they interplay off of each other. These will certainly be beauty staples to match my fall wardrobe. And isn't it great that plum is stilling going strong after a couple of seasons. And who doesn't love must have rich chocolatey brown's that are one hundred percent essentials when the weather starts to cool down. Some product info below before posting my results:

Stay In Line Precise Mechanical Eyeliner Infused With Growth Serum:
Line eyes with maximum control with Hard Candy Stay In Line Eyeliner, a precise mechanical eyeliner and smudger. The self-sharpening retractable pencil allows for easy, smooth application. Each liner is infused with growth serum to promote long-term lash growth.
Available in six basic, bright, and shimmering shades

Eye Def Molten Metallic Cream Eye Shadow:
Hard Candy Eye Def Metallic Cream Shadow is a unique crease-proof formulation that coats the lid with stay-put coverage that lasts all day.
Gorgeous metallic shades give eyes a stunning flash of color
Packaged with an over-sized, angled doe foot applicator
10 shades

Pro: well pigmented, rich color palette, long wear, affordable price, smudge proof shadow, precise liner, cruelty free, growth serum infused liner, self sharpening pencil, fabulous high shine shadow, glitter was minimal, can be used by all age groups, non flaking shadow formula

Con: liner is creamy and wastes down rather quickly

My results: I'm always nicely surprised with Hard Candy's Cosmetics because you would think for such low affordable prices the quality might be lacking, not so. The liner was easy to work with and had just the right amount of shine compared to some past glittery products that had too much glitter making them versatile enough for young girls and more mature women to utilize. The colors are absolutely tempting and they updated the palette just in time to wear with your fall fashions. The shadow stays put!  I find this formula much better than the previous Eye Def I reviewed which I will get into. And let's not forget the cute packaging!

Packaging: The metallic cream shadow is still housed in a lab-like tube container and the angled brush makes it easy to apply/work with the product. The eyeliner has a self sharpening precise point to it and the smudger brush on the opposite tip is well constructed and great to blend with.

Formula: For the cream shadow: this is a big improvement from the last Eye Def collection as the shadow stays super put but is not as dry and does not crack or flake. I mean it stays put even without primer. The angled applicator tip allows you to go thin or go big and bold. I'm in love with this metallic plum shade I was sent, it's high shine and gorgeous! You must try this out!
For the Eyeliner: it has a very precise tip allowing you to also create thin or fatter looks and the formula is very creamy blending well. I love the added factor of the growth serum but I haven't seen any results yet since I have only used it a couple of times. It's great that it sharpens itself and has a well constructed durable smudger on the other tip. This won't peel away and fall off as the material seems to be thick. It has just  a little glitter in the formula so you can wear it during the day and any age group can enjoy this. The liner stays put only coming off a little when my allergies started acting up but that's my weepy eye syndrome. Otherwise it's has a decent staying power.

So far I'm seeing that Hard Candy's Fall 2011 has gotten off to a great start with these two products and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone. You can't go wrong with these prices so grab a few in different shades. The added bonus of being cruelty free and having super adorable packaging along with the quality and price garnishes these two products with an overall five starfish rating. What shade will you choose?  Stay beautiful!  XOXO
Availability: Walmart Eye Def $6  Stay In Line Eyeliner $5
LONG WEAR:: 5 stars
PACKAGING:: 5 stars
EASE OF USE:: 5 stars
FORMULA:: 5 stars
PRICE & VALUE:: 5 stars

August 30, 2011

How The Hold Me Bag Winner Organized Her Cosmetics

Super Girl from Supreme Living Blog who was the winner for the recent The Hold Me Bag Sponsored Giveaway has received her prize and sent me her photos showing how she organized her Hold Me Bag. As you can see the hold me bag can pack quite a punch and Supergirl did a fabulous job getting all her makeup essentials neat and organized. 

The "Les Fleurs" bag was the selection awarded-see link here

Now her brushes have their own place ready for her choosing at a moment's glance without having to dig deep into traditional cosmetics cases. Plus she not only was able to throw in quite a large sum of cosmetics but there was enough room to add the actual product boxes as well! Just imagine how much more room she can have if she removed the cosmetics from the original container.

Congrats again to your Supergirl for your win and I know it will come in handy for you as you informed me you are a bit of a traveler. You can select a Hold Me bag of your choice on the brand's website listed below. The price is a little high but well worth it to stay organized and put together. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

The Hold Me Bag company was gracious enough to send me a Hold Me Bag of my very own along with a thoughtful note thanking Venus Loves Virgo Blog for a successful contest. I wanted to wait doing a review until the winner submitted her prize photo's and now that she has my review will be posted shortly.

August 29, 2011




 Here's what my ring looks like up close
 from a different angle

Happy Monday! As promised from my tweets this weekend I have another fabulous treat for my lovely members-a chance to win a gorgeous pink stone "Arty" type gold band ring from the lovely owner over at the Modtoast website. How great is this? I know you guys were really interested in this must have "it" accessory of late fashioned after the iconic YSL Arty rings. This is the next best thing.

1 lucky Venus Loves Virgo member will win a pink ring pictured above in choice size of 5, 6, 7, 8

The ring pictured above is my own purchased be me.

This Facebook Giveaway is open internationally and the rules are really simple. Please follow them as I will check you are entering correctly to be fair to my long standing members. I found that some of the entries of the Urban Decay Giveaway are not valid because people like then unlike VV Facebook yet still enter in the comment section. Those entries will not be counted. My reason for hosting contests is to thank my readers and show my appreciation not just to get followers. I want my members to stay with Venus Loves Virgo Blog and want to share some gifts and special deals. I won't let those just looking for freebies ruin it for the rest of us. Thank you for your understanding.


1. Giveaway is open internationally

2. You must be a follower of Venus Loves Virgo

3. You must subscribe to Venus Loves Virgo

4. You must "like" Modtoast on Facebook- CLICK HERE FOR MODTOAST FACEBOOK

5. You must "like" Venus Loves Virgo Facebook- CLICK HERE FOR VENUS LOVES VIRGO

6. One entry allowed per member

7. You must comment in this post after liking the Facebook accounts above with your name, valid email and stating that you liked both Facebook accounts. I will personally check to see you have before counting your entry.

8. Contest starts August 29, 2011 and ends midnight September 10, 2011


August 28, 2011

15% OFF Exclusive Lulu' Code + Haul

Happy Sunday! Firstly, I hope everyone has gotten through this hurricane with minimal or no damage at all and that you guys are all okay. The worse part was that insane wind and the amount of rainfall. I thought I was trapped in one of those bad tropical hurricane disaster movies where it looks like Armageddon is coming! Thank God it has passed and all that's left is some drizzle and gusty winds.
I have some great news for my members, Lulu' has provided Venus Loves Virgo subscribers with another opportunity at using an exclusive coupon code for 15% OFF your entire order. Just use code VENUS at Lulu' checkout for your savings.  Now is the time to stock up on all your back to school and fall wardrobe essentials. Grab your favorites before they all sell out an they do sell out rather quickly.
What will you buy? Stay beautiful! XOXO

Code-VENUS is active starting tomorrow 
Monday August 29 until Friday September 2, 2011
code is case sensitive-use all caps.

Some of my recent Lulu purchases!

click image to enlarge and see how this silky wrap sparkles!
I managed to grab the last Genie dress!!!

I also got this heavenly white dress
I'll post the actual dress photos soon.


August 26, 2011

Boscia Luminizing Peel Off Black Mask

product test kit
Luminizing Black Mask
product out of the tube and after peeled from your skin

Happy Friday my gorgeous readers! Before I get into today's post I want to wish everyone living here on the East Coast in the path of Hurricane Irene a very safe weekend! Especially you guys in Long island, New Jersey and The Rockaways. I'm actually kind of freaked because Mayor Bloomberg evacuated residents of Coney Island in Brooklyn into city shelters if they didn't have relatives they could stay with. Although I'm away from that area it's not far from the water. First an earthquake, a tornado in New York this past winter and now this! What's up Mother Nature??? So here's hoping I'll be around next Monday if Me and Toto aren't blown away to the Land of Oz! Fingers crossed XOXO

I was recently given the opportunity to test out a full size product line from the Japanese natural skin care brand Boscia. Publiicty sent me a variety of skin care cleansers, moistuirizers, exfoliators, etc. as well as some other natural brand lip care products and sanitaizing sprays. I'll get to all of them as soon as I can but for now I'm ready to review Boscia's Luminizing Black Mask Peel Off.  This mask is outrageously fabulous! I never tried Boscia before and am gratfeul fro the opportunity so I can pass along my results to my subscribers. Product info below before getting to my results.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask-Peel Off: 
What it is: 
A groundbreaking, mineral-rich mask that peels off to deliver powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects.  
What it is formulated to do: 
This jet-black, mineral-rich mask creates a unique peel-off effect that delivers powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening results. Made with a premiere-quality clay, its deep-cleansing properties draw out dirt and oil. Other natural ingredients go to work exfoliating skin and refining pores. Powerful antioxidants shrink pores, firm skin, and reduce inflammation. Once dried, the mask strips away dead skin, impurities and excess oil to reveal immediate and visible results.

Pro: cruelty free, vegan, natural, very exfokiating, cleanses skin, softens skin, clears skin of debris, non irritating, travel friendly, skin glowing qualities, pore size appears to reduce, neutral scent, skin feels nice  and firm and skin redness appears lessened, helps with ingrown hairs

Con: pricey! you need a large amount of product to cover your skin allowing a thick layer to form or it will not peel properly, this tube should have double the amount for this reason.

My results: I have to say hands down this is the best peel off mask I tried so far! When I removed it from my face I found all the debris and dead skin peeled away! It unclogs the ingrown hairs trapped under your skin as well. The only fault this product has is it's size and price. It's 2.8 ounce and normally that's not bad for a mask since you need a little to cover your face but with this mask you need a large quantity of product which I found out the first time around. Since this is a peel off mask you need a lot of product to form a thick layer so you are actually able to peel it off  your skin. If you don't apply the right amount when it dry's on your skin you can't peel it off in one sweep. You have to sort of crack a smile and allow it to peel on your face then grab layers wherever you can and peel away. The rest that does not come off you can just wash it with warm water. I stopped adding product when I realized I was emptying out the tube but I did need to add more. Next time I use this I will add a super thick layer allowing me the ability to peel it off in one swoop rather than bits and pieces. You can see from my photo swatch that it peeled of in little bits rather than a whole mask because I didn't apply more product. For this reason the product might last you 4 uses if your lucky, that's awfully expensive even though it's a amazing product.

Packaging: This is packaged in a sleek black plastic tube and is a travel friendly container. I feel this is more of a sample size than an actual full size because you need so much product to form the mask properly.

Formula: What is unique about this mask is that it is black, not green or mud like the typical peel offs on the market. The formula has a creamy gel like consistency and is a little sticky. It dry's up fast so you have to work fast with this. You need to apply loads of the product on your face especially around the top of the forehead , under the chin and on all the corners that will serve as the peel away spots. Avoid around the eye area, around the lip and the nostrils. The box includes a picture showing exactly how to apply it and in what areas. It has a neutral scent which is nice and does not irritate at all. Your skin will feel refreshed, cleansed, exfoliated and very soft. And your pores appear to be minimized. It's an amazing formula!

The only fault for this mask is it's price and size. It should be twice the size or larger which would make the price more valid. I think for this size this price point is way to high and even if you splurge on it the tube will not last you a month if you use it weekly. It's too bad because I need to use this every week or even bi-weekly, it's that great! I'm hooked on it. I really hope Boscia improves on this in the future because people would try it once and keep coming back for it. I think the price may affect that. Of course if you can afford to splurge then you probably wont mind. I can't splurge on this but I will save up for it and use it less because it's that wonderful on your skin. You have to try it for yourself to understand what I mean. I would definitely recommend this product as promising what it says to do but giving it a little lower rating because of the price.This gets a fabulous 4.5 starfish rating for quality, cruelty free, vegan ingredients and it's overall ability to exfoliate and soften your skin. Any try this? Opinions? Stay beautiful! Stay safe this weekend  XOXO
Availability: Sephora $34 2.8 ounce 
PACKAGING:: 5 stars
CLEAN & SOFT SKIN:: 5 stars
FORMULA:: 5 stars
PRICE & VALUE:: 4.5 stars

August 25, 2011

Anastasia Eye And Brow Expert

Hello gorgeous readers! Today I'm going to do a general introductory post on Anastasia Of Beverly Hills Eye And Brow Expert. I'm sure you have all heard of Anastasia in the past, have seen her interviews and her celebrity clientele photos in various fashion magazines over the years. Even Donald Trump employed her at in the past, I remember his interview on how he only wanted the best treatments for his guests.

For those of you not familiar with these amazing products here is your chance to learn a little about the brand in the video provided below and stay tuned for upcoming product reviews, giveaways and much more in the near future. In the meantime feel free to hit up Sephora stores and try some of Anastassia's product for yourself. Stay beautiful! XOXO

About Anastasia:
Anastasia has long been the definitive eye and brow expert for icons such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah as well as hip up-and-comers like Diana Agron, Selena Gomez and Kristen Cavalari and has recently expanded into colors that match their superior standards for skincare based cosmetics. 
Anastasia of Beverly Hills products have recently been added to all Sephora stores in the United States. Our make up plus approach always has the importance of skin care at the base of our clinically tested cosmetic formulas.

Missoni For Target!

This is the best news since finding out Versace has teamed up with H&M. Get ready Missoni lovers! If you have ever dreamed of owning a piece of this legendary designer iconic Italian line now is your chance.  Missoni for Target is a whopping  400-piece-strong collection and quite possibly the largest collection a luxury brand has partnered up with at Target stores. The collection hits Target stores and online Sept. 13 2011. The line has everything from women's clothing, accessories, shoes, luggage, journals, bedding and dinnerware and more!  The patio furniture set is the most expensive item from the brand at $599.99. Are we foaming at the mouth yet? Stay beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Target Sept 13 2011

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