July 22, 2011

Win Makeup Bag Makeover! Sponsored By Hold Me Bag Venus Loves Virgo Blog's First Challenge!


Happy Friday my fellow bloggies! I have a super surprise for you today, The lovely people over at the Hold Me Bag Company contacted me asking if they can sponsor a Giveaway for my fabulous members and I said Yessss! How great is this? The contest is in the form of a "Peek" Inside Your Old Bag Challenge which is to send me your photo's of your beat up messy cosmetic bags so that I may decide who needs a new fantastic Hold Me  super organizer the most. I will post all the rules below so please make sure to read the rules before submitting your entries. I'll also add information on what the Hold Me Cosmetic organizer is. This bag is no joke! It's super roomy to hold all your beauty products, a full size panel for all your beauty brushes, tools and it easily rolls up into a convenient travel case. Remember you must be a follower of this blog and you must post your messy bag photos before I announce a winner. Retails $90.00 GOOD LUCK! Stay beautiful! XOXO

The most unique design for your cosmetic bag, ever! Introducing The Hold Me Bag. It's your vanity drawer, the clutter on your bathroom counter, that bulky travel organizer, and you know, those mismatched little zippered cases in your purse. All rolled (literally) into one super neat bag!!
Brushes stay clean and hold their shape, tools are safely stowed. And not to mention that you gained a bathroom drawer and countertop space!!! The Hold Me Bag has a huge "heart" ready to take in and care for all of your daily necessities.  The Hold Me Bag is constructed of a Knew Suede, a stellar fabric that is both handsome and hardworking. Easy to keep fresh and clean, it retains its shape, always bouncing back from tight quarters. Now that you are perfectly streamlined and organized, you can expect a long relationship with your Hold Me Bag as it will deliver many years of service and outlast several generations of those "showy plastic types", the ones that grabbed you with their in the moment print. And unlike proprietary cosmetic organizers, you will always have a perfect fit if you change cosmetic brands!

The Opportunity: The Makeup Bag Makeover
The "Peek Show" contest is open to my followers, I will choose the winner and Hold Me Company will send me a Hold Me Bag for one lucky blogger. 
We are confident that the Hold Me Bag will be loved. Not dropping names here but we have gained the praise of top makeup artists who understand the importance of well-organized, protective storage for cosmetics, makeup brushes and palettes.
And it helps that we have a pretty face as they love our chic styling that keeps everything "all wrapped up". 


You must be a follower of this blog

One entry per person allowed

You must post your "messy" bag ( or any other way you store cosmetics ) photos to this post before winner is announced. Upload the photo to blogger, photobucket or any account you use and add the photo link to the comment section when entering the contest.

Your cosmetic bag can be anything from messy, old, stained, disorganized, overstuffed, outdated or anything that makes you feel you need a new Hold Me bag. Or perhaps you feel your current cosmetic bag doesn't fit all your beauty tool needs. It doesn't have to be just old & messy.

Photos can show your makeup stored in cosmetic bags, boxes, bathroom counter tops, baskets or any other way you store your makeup. 

I just want to see the "before" photos of how you  store your makeup.

If you can't get a link or have troubles posting a photo, tell me in the comment section and send me the photo via email and I will add everyone's photo in other post before making my decision.

You can send photo via email to sabitha13@yahoo.com

Entries must reached me by August 8, 2011

I decide who "needs" the bag the most and Hold Me ships the bag to you.
The more "desperate" your bag the better!

Leave your name, email and messy bag photo when entering in the comment section.

The winner must upload a before and after bag showing us how you have organized your prize and submit the photo to me one week after receiving prize.

The "Les Fleurs" bag will be the selection awarded-see link here



  1. OMG...I really need this.
    I'm on it. Will post my entry when I take some photos. Thanks!

  2. SUPER! I'll go through my cases to see if one qualifys. That hold me organizer looks amazing.

  3. What an amazing giveaway :D
    I'm sure I own at least one pitiful cosmetic case. I'll send you some photos soon. <3

  4. wow gorgeous!!!!
    look AMAZING!!!
    cute blog! i'm following you by google friends box hope you'll do the same ONLY if' you'll like mine!
    sweet italian kisses
    Syriously in Fashion

  5. You'll laugh, but I actually have a very clean and tidy make up bag. How boring am I eh? But I'm going to post your contest over on Bien for you Maria.

    Great weekend to you too chicka.

    Ali x

  6. i have messy icky bags!
    this looks super duper!
    a photo will be sent to you soon xx

  7. Great! Can't wait to see the photo's.

    Ali, thanks!
    It doesn't have to be just an old dirty bag lol
    It can be outdated, crowded, etc. XOXO

  8. sounds good. will enter it.

    thanks for commenting on my blog dear. :)


  9. oh boy!!! my bag is a messy world! ;D
    will try posting something later!

  10. I'm so excited to see all your photos!

  11. I will join ^_^ I just need to take a picture of my makeup case x.x I'm shy to show tho XD

  12. Going through my cosmetic junk pile this afternoon to see what I can use for this contest. That bag is outrageous!

  13. Darn! I got rid of my tattered cases awhile back and I realy want this bag. Hopefully I'll find something that looks messy to qualify for your giveaway. -aida-

  14. Great idea of a giveaway!!
    Don't think I'll be joining but good luck to everyone else.

    One picture of my bag will send people running away. Nyahahahahha! But I don't take it (or try not to) out in public so I'm okay with it :P

  15. Such an amazing give away! Have to take a look if I have a messy bag, I'm not that much into make up soo it's hard to have a messy bag than XD! xx

  16. I'm in love with this bag already! This week I will dig around my room to see what photo I can submit. Thanks :)

  17. The things my wife could stuff into that bag. It's too bad she doesn't blog she needs one with all the crap she has lying around ;)

  18. Oh that is a really, really fun way to conduct a give-away! my skincare and cosmetic bags are the worst. I have like too many bags with everything scattered all over.




    p.s. I miss you too!

    I've been away and been super busy!

  19. Great giveaway Maria. Would love to have a more organized makeup bag. Must go home and check what I have.

  20. My make up is in square plastic containers. I dont have a make up bag. :(

    It's Monday again. Have a great week!

  21. Fabulous giveaway. I'm sure you're going to get some very interesting photos!

  22. nice idea! haha my cosmetics bag is a pile of messy mess

  23. Wonderful! Send in your photos!

    M-I'm glad to see you again! XOXO

    Trend Wisely-I'm looking into something for you XOXO

  24. Update! It can be anyway you store your cosmetics!
    It doesn't have t0 be just a bag. Good Luck! XOXO

  25. Great idea! I love your blog))

  26. i follow you via google :)

    i'll be sending you some photos later on ok, and i'll be sending them via email, is that right for you?

    jos xx

  27. THank you for following and finding my blog!! I will definitely enter!!
    Camille nevernakedblog.com

  28. I'll be sending you a photo soon. Thanks

  29. Jeez, can you stuff anymore into that bag!
    Let me look around my stuff and hopefully there's some crappy bag I have to submit.

  30. ms Givens
    I blogged about this give-away today.

  31. Thanks Trend Wisely!

    I got some of your photos and love them. Keep them coming. XOXO

  32. Hello please tell me where I can email my entry ^_^ thnkx u :))

  33. Hi Maria! Thanks for dropping by my blog to tell me about this! =D I've read it a long time ago but wanted to post here after I made my post for the giveaway in my blog. Here it is:

    my email: aisyahdecullen(at)yahoo(dot)com

    This is such a fun entry to make ^__^ All thanks to you. I hope I win though..hehe

  34. I will be submitting a photo soon.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. A really nice contest. I'll check my stash and send a photo.

  37. Keep them coming!

    you can send them to sabitha13@yahoo.com


  38. thanks for invitation :) I also add you as my follower (because I don't know too much about cosmetics ;<). I cannot enter the contest - I don't have so much cosmetics products. But I hope somebody will be lucky and win this cool stuff for proffesional make-up lovers ^_- (I'm sorry for my poor english - I'm working on it!)

  39. Hey, cute blog, and thanks for the comment. I like the look of this contest and might give it a go :)

  40. Just got it! And I got a few more. Keep them coming peeps! XOXO

  41. Here is my entry!

  42. That bag looks so interesting! I do have a make-up organizer but it doesn't hold all of my 'most important' items (I thought it would be nice to take it with me when I go on a trip...I was so wrong about that!). I store my everyday make-up in a simple plastic box now, which looks horrible! I like to keep things organized, so I could definitely use a proper bag for my make-up :)

    Name: Agnes
    E-mail: SweetFantasyStar@hotmail.com
    Picture: http://tinypic.com/r/sord6t/7

  43. Thanks Agnes! Good Luck All!
    Keep them coming, five days left XOXO

  44. GFC: Mindy Loo
    email: mloo88@hotmail.com

    How I store my makeup:

    What a great giveaway, when I travel I usually just throw all my stuff into a ziplock lol! I guess I should invest in a bag since I carry more then just a toothbrush and toothpaste now.

  45. Love it! Thanks! SEND THEM IN-4 DAYS LEFT XOXO

  46. I'm a new member and want to enter but Google Friend won't let me sign in? Can I send my photo straight to your email? Thanks

  47. Thanks for the reminder. Appreciate it! <3

  48. I really need in new bag.
    I send the photo. Thanks!
    lusizova at gmail.com

  49. Thanks!

    Anonymous, go ahead and send me your photo but include your user id. You have to be a member of this blog. I will add all the photos and the entries myself in a separate post seeing most of you sent images without adding a post here but no problem. Just keep them coming.Thanks! XOXO

  50. Hey! I sent the picture of how I store my makeup via e-mail.

    To everyone! I wish you luck 8)

  51. Im the last one;DDDD I rerally need it! I have very small make up bag and very old;D
    I sent pic to your email box!

    Fingers crossed!

  52. My bag is to small: http://aboutwomenandnotonly.blogspot.com/2011/07/glossilicious-giveaway-submit-your-make.html

    mihaela.mihordea at gmail(.) com

  53. Thanks! keep them coming, last day today!

  54. I have read the invitation mail only now and have sent the photo to you hoping to be still on time...
    NICK GFC: PolvereDiStelle
    mail : veronicabufano@alice.it



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