Everyday Minerals "Art Girl" Rollerball Eye Shadow

travel size
easy to blend rollerball
gorgeous purple with sheen

Here you have it, the last piece in my publicity sample kit to be reviewed: Everyday Minerals Rollerball Eye Shadow Shade Art Girl. The roll on applicator is really easy to use, travel friendly and this particular shade is gorgeous! I specifically asked for it and it was nice to have it sent to me because usually you are given random colors. And not only is the color beautiful but proceeds from the sale of Art Girl will go to the Art School Expansion Project and Scholarship Fund.  Sweet! Some product info before getting to my results below:

"ART GIRL" EYE SHADOW is our way of saying thank you to all those who remind us to look at things again for the first time! Life is so full of wonders to rediscoveries and endless opportunities for artistic expressions. It makes me smile just thinking about it. When you add Art Girl eye shadow to your cart, 100% of the retail price (minus discount and taxes) will be given to AMOA.You will be helping the Art School Expansion Project and Scholarship Fund. www.amoa.org

Pro: well pigmented, blends easily, travel friendly, cruelty free, various shades, decent wear, very affordable

Con: would love to see these in larger size rollerball

My results:  I found using this rollerball shadow was not only fun but quick and easy. It's also very blendable and you can feel free to work with a shadow brush or your fingers.  If you think you might not like the roll-on it's also available in a pot. They also offer other shades. It had a decent wear to it on it's own but lasts longer when primer is applied first.

The Packaging: The loose pigments come in a handy plastic roller-ball tube which is about 2 inches long and very travel friendly. There is absolutely no mess involved when using this product and you can build on the color intensity with desired applications. It's actually less messier than the potted pigments.

The Formula: The pigmentation is really nice and soft. It's not super silky but it's not dry either and you can blend it easily onto your lids with ease. There is a fabulous sheen to it but no glitter so you can use it for daytime or evening use. It would be perfect for creating a sultry smokey eye at night. Art Girl is a deep purple shade almost mimicking grape juice with a very subtle shift of silver to it.

I would definitely recommend you grab a few of these handy little roller-ball pigments in your favorite shades. You guys already know from my previous reviews what a fantastic brand I think Everyday Minerals is and this item is another reason to fall in love with them. This product gets a 4.5 starfish rating from me for it's wear, price, being cruelty free, ease of use and because it donates proceeds to art education. I feel it could have been a tiny bit more of the silky side and perhaps a larger size applicator but other than that it's a great product and really affordable. Stay beautiful! XOXO
Availability: Everyday Minerals $4.50 Roller ball $7 pot
PACKAGING:: 4.5 stars
LONG WEAR:: 4.5 stars
EASE OF USE:: 5 stars
FORMULA:: 4.5 stars
PRICE & VALUE:: 5 stars


  1. oh wow, that's amazing! i definitely want to try this! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. oh so pretty!

    last hours to enter in the giveaway for a 50€ giftcad to shop at DOORTJE !

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  3. It looks like it might be less messier than working with potted loose pigments. Great review <3

  4. I love the color and the roller tube is neat. :)

  5. Lovely shade:)
    Have a great weekend dear!

  6. That's a beautiful purple shade.
    Happy 4th weekend ;)

  7. Ooooh this reminds me of these rollerball eyeshadows from Maybelline from when I was young... I hated them, they were so not pigmented and a mess to use! But this one looks gorgeous (:

  8. I remember those roller balls!

    Thanks for the comments XOXO

  9. The color is gorgeous! I really need to get some everyday minerls products, I hear nothing but good reviews so far.


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