February 4, 2011


So ABC aired a news segment on the worlds fascination with BROOKLYN and being born & raised you know I had to come post this! I'll let the article and video posted below speak for itself.
If you still think of Brooklyn as just a borough across the bridge from Manhattan, think again. "It's not just a place where people live to then commute into Manhattan," said Lexy Funk, the CEO of Brooklyn Industries."You know, there is something different happening in Brooklyn," said Steven Hindy, of Brooklyn Brewery."The Brooklyn brand sells," said Marty Markowitz, the Brooklyn Borough President. In fact, the "Brooklyn Brand" is one of the hottest commodities out there right now. A reported 70 companies have adopted Brooklyn as part of their names. It's a way to tap into the borough's edgy and legendary authenticity. "It's one of those mythical sort of places in America that everyone has some notion of," Hindy said.West Virginia-born Steven Hindy is one of the co-founders of the Brooklyn Brewery. He recognized the marketing power in the name way back in 1988, and says he's never regretted it. "We're the biggest exporter of craft beer to the world and I credit that to the name Brooklyn," Hindy said.

And how about Brooklyn pizza in Istanbul, or the Brooklyn Parlour Jazz Bar in Toyko? They are just more proof of the "B-word's" worldwide appeal. "I think the name Brooklyn has a cache," Funk said. That's one of the reasons Lexy Funk named her nearly 13-year-old clothing company "Brooklyn Industries."It now boasts boutiques nationwide but is based, of course, in Brooklyn. The cutting-edge label is representative what Funk calls the "New Brooklyn."But, is there concern that overuse of the brand will cheapen it or render the borough itself passé'? "There's always that question of if too many people call themselves Brooklyn, then what does Brooklyn mean? However, I think the market is very wide," Funk said. The borough's cheerleader and chief agrees, hot or not, New York will always have Brooklyn."They can use our name Brooklyn anywhere in the country, but they'll never beat the original," Markowitz said.
And speaking of world wide appeal I just had to post a photo of this pack of chewing gum I always used to buy as a teenager when in Italy. I finished all the packs except for one which Ive kept as a souvenir all these years. (Photo below) Also a quick note that you have until tomorrow night to enter my giveaway before it ends and some great reviews on Beauty Without Cruelty products I have sampled so stay tuned for those and  have a great weekend. Stay beautiful! XOXO
vintage gum purchased in Italy


  1. I love what's going on in Brooklyn these days.

    ...and could there be a better name for the CEO of Brooklyn industries?

  2. YESSS! Now if we can just rid ourselves all the excess amount of yuppies amongst us! HEHEHE

  3. Thanks for sharing this...Brooklyn is a cool place to be these days.
    And its much more affordable than places in Manhattan.

    I can't wait to move to NYC and check all the places out for myself.


  4. Very cool ;)

  5. Brooklyn is very trendy and cool now <3

  6. you kept bubblegum pack all these years xx

  7. thanks for sharing this! i learned a lot just by reading your post. :D

    <3, Mimi

  8. I haven't been to Brooklyn. Actually i haven't been to New York. But i'd love to visit someday. :D

    I am now your newest follower.


  9. I haven't been but I really want to - great post!! x

  10. I wish I loved in Brooklyn. :) Love it. The gum is too cute. Hope your weekend is going well.

  11. I have never been to Brooklyn (only Manhattan). But I have a couple friends who currently live there. From what I have seen and heard, it is definitely a spot I could imagine living. It sounds charming!

  12. GO BROOKLYN! Thanks for your comments!

    Ms. Givens, on my way to see your tag :)

    Aldina-check out this previous post I did with more information to familiarize yourself with thing sot do and visit in Brooklyn :)


  13. What a coincidence. I was just checking out apartments on the web in brooklyn, really wanna move to NY.

  14. I have been there for those artsy summer fairs and shopped the huge Ikea when it first opened. :)

  15. Brooklyn it's American label really?
    But why the packaging says ''La gomma del ponte''?
    I've a question for you ^_^
    Are you Italian? :))

  16. Crazy4makeup- LOL! If you read the post I said I purchased the gum in Italy-the fact that it has Brooklyn on it was a point to how the Brooklyn brand is used worldwide. Yes I'm Italian but born in Brooklyn XOXO


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