Daniele De Rossi Mystery Man Winner-Agnes!

In what has got to be the shortest lasting contest in all blog contest history, I am happy to announce that Agnes from Beauty Vibes is the winner of the Mystery Man Mystery Prize Giveaway. Agnes, how did you guess? Did you already know him or did you do some clever investigating. Congrats Agnes! Send me your mailing address and I will get a lovely little prize out to you. The correct answer is none other than the Roman Gladiator himself, Daniele De Rossi, who plays mid field position and is Co-Captain for Italy's AS ROMA Team. Daniele is also the Captain of the Azzurri Italian National Team. Since you guys enjoyed this giveaway idea, I have decided to turn this into a future perpetual contest with more mystery prizes but this time I have to be more sneaky so the contest lingers a little longer giving everyone a better chance to play along. I'm gonna keep Mr. De Rossi's photo up in the side bar just a little longer as eye candy for you girls. Stay beautiful! XOXO


  1. Oh, I wish I had seen this sooner! I am a HUGE supporter of AS Roma.

    I do have to agree, too, he is a good looking guy. Almost as good looking as Francesco Totti ;-).

  2. Your an AS ROMA fan too! Squeeeeeeel!
    I knew there was a reason I really liked you ;) LOL! He's waaay hotter than Totti ^;^ Totti is a legend and love him still XOXO
    Don't worry more mystery treats coming soon...

  3. How did I miss this giveaway???? xx

  4. Awww...sorry! But stay tuned for more XOXO

  5. I kinda knew him already, he's quite a hottie ;) I'm sorry that your contest ended so soon though! But it was definitely fun :)


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