Vogue Italy Gulf Themed Photo Shoot

Good morning my lovelies!  So I don't know what to make of this story and I don't get what the real "controversy" is. Maybe I'm just desensitized as a native New Yorker, God knows Ive seen my share of horrors or perhaps  an overdose consumption of slash, horror flicks I subject myself to but oh well. Apparently Vogue Italia has tee-ed off some of the masses for their Cover-photo shoot photographed by Steven Meisel for using the recent and tragic Gulf Coast oil spill as a themed backdrop. First let me say in no way do I find the oil spill tragedy funny or something to be mocked at. The way it was handled was atrocious as well as the events that led up to this disaster by a greedy corporation who neglected foreseeable dangers and the government who backed them up. But from the standpoint of Vogue I don't see this as an evil doing from the magazine. Some people just don't get it artistically. The shoot is innovative and thought provoking as well as a reflection of our society. The fashion world has always taken a lead from social events. Example-a extremely popular movie is about to hit the theaters and you see clothing inspired from & by movie on the runway and in stores. A recent example Alice in Wonderland which was infused into pop culture from fashion to cosmetics on a global level. It's called "trend forecasting". Although this Vogue shoot isn't even about that. I should also mention that an accessory piece the stylist decided to highlight and use was an Eco-friendly seaweed necklace created by Eco-designer Kathleen Nowak Tucci of My Sister's Art, and made from recycled inner tubes sourced from the Gulf Coast. The designer commented by saying: "It is controversial and interpretative, which is indicative of great artistic expression." I'm upset because what seems like hypocritical tree hugging liberals, by the way, I too hug trees and am an animal activist, have decided to come out of the woodwork and get worked up over a photographic endeavor from the brilliant Steven Miesel. Seriously? 

What about all the stuff people do and say to each other on a daily basis as we all turn the other cheek in silence. And makes you wonder what those individuals who are so outraged by this are doing for the planet? While The Gulf spill is nothing to be poked fun at and in my opinion I don't see that Vogue It. did that but rather just threw back in our faces what is going on in our world. Not to mention it was freaking beautifully executed from an artistic viewpoint! If only the photo shoots here could be so edgy and not so blah blah blah boring. What would our society be without free expression. For those people who commented that this is just a mindless plot of exploitation from the fashion world, well duh! it's a fashion magazine.They Sell Fashion. Their making a point of it not mocking the disaster or the victims. The Yahoo article asks: What do you think about the Italian Vogue spread? Do you find these images exploitative, glamorizing, or thought-provoking? So I'll leave you with that same question. Let's not throw out the baby with the bath water for at least a serious issue is being  acknowledged in a way that can reach a mass media audience so as we never forget how fragile our planet is and so BP or other corporations don't think they can just silently sweep this away under the rug. Isn't press and exposure better than none? Even if it's from a medium of vanity such as the fashion industry?  Feel free to comment on what you think about this photo shoot but please be considerate and no potty words, thank you. Have a great weekend. XOXO
Article:read here
Vogue Italia:seen here-click on 4th photo with lady on the rocks to play video

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