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Falls Hottest Beauty Trends- Dual Toned Lips and as a matter of fact it doesn't just stop just there, dual toned eyes and cheeks as well will have you doing a double take in cosmetic application. The wickedest lip look featuring this ultra glam style was featured in Sephora's Fall 2010 Beauty Report Catalog and I managed to grab a snapshot of it with my digital camera. This red-gold lip was created by backstage makeup artist, Silvia Dell' Orto who recommends if you want to wear this to the office use a shimmer color that's a little bit softer than the gold with a little tone in the middle to add dimension. For an evening look I say go more bold. I would also imagine that with this type of design application you would literally not have to touch anything to your lips as not to ruin the special effect. 

How's a girl gonna sip her dirty martini? The price one pays for beauty... 

The lip products that were used for this feature look are Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in #43 Moulin Rouge and Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense P17 Lipstick. The P17 gold shade is used in center of top and bottom lip. I think there is nothing more fierce than gold mixed with a hot fiery red whether in cosmetics or clothing. SUPER HOTTT! I'm also loving lime and yellow color combos as well. What color combo will you go for this fall? XOXO

Some other color combination's for your consideration:
Buxom Stay There Eyeshadows in Poodle Gold and Shih Tzu Lime Green

Duo eyes using exact above shades from BUXOM:

Availability:Sephora Exclusively Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick $19
Buxom Stay There Shadows in Poodle Gold and Shih Tzu Lime Green $17
NARS Blush Angelica Pink & Albatross Golden Sheen $26


  1. I really love this look. I will definitely have to try it out!!

  2. It's gorgeous,isn't it!
    thanks for your comment :)


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