Paul & Joe Kit Kat Lipstick C-meeoow

 Shade above:Moon Shadow

Is this totally super cute or what!!! The shape of course is absolutely useless for lip application but who cares it's gorgeous! It's from the Paul & Joe Limited Edition Lipstick C collection. Th lip collection features a swanky cat head shaped lipstick in adorable artwork tubes. The creamy formula is made up of nurturing oils to soothe your lips. Who would dare touch this and mess up the cat, even with a lip brush?  I definitely have to get a few in my collection. Stay beautiful. XOXO 

Availability:Beauty Habit $25  in soft pink-red pearl finish and soft orange


  1. This is super cute. I love it.

  2. Isn't it though :)

    would you destroy the little cat head? lol!


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