Modern Geisha Hair For My Birthday

I'm going for Modern Geisha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY is here once again for me and I'm going to be offline for awhile to celebrate but I'll be back real soon with more reviews and my almost finished Essential Wardrobe Guide. Here's a look at one of my fave hair styles that I'll be sporting, it's an easy style to wear, especially if you have long hair. I love love love anything Geisha inspired. I'm that weird freaky person who read Memoirs of A Geisha when it first came out like ten times then saw the movie, maybe 50 times. No Joke! I can lip sync along with the characters while their speaking, that's how well I know the movie. Anyway I need to shock-up my hair color since it's reverted back to my natural dark chestnut auburn highlights. I can't stand the reddish highlights. I love that the intense black shades masquerades my reddish highlights. Stay beautiful XOXO


  1. How do you do your hair like a Geisha.I'll try it sometime

  2. Have a Happy Birthday :)

  3. Thank you!
    For the other poster I'll try to get up a guide for you or something later.I just woke up and need some caffeine.

  4. I didn't know our birthdays are that close! I love the hairstyle idea, anything geisha related fascinates me :)

  5. Since a couple of you guys are interested i'll do a Gesiha Hairstyle tutorial soon. Yay! were both Leo's ^;^


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