Couture Nails: Ruffian Manicure

Why is it that Vogue Italia always has the best fashion editorials? There's always that something "extra" in the creativity department. Maybe I should try my luck and move to Italy for awhile. In a recent Vogue Italia article the top stylists are declaring the new trends in manicures, the Ruffian manicure is all about less square shaped and never too long. The first photo of the Blue Moon manicure was featured on the Ruffian Fall 2010 Runway Show and is an eclipsed moon manicure which has it's roots in the 1940's. In this top image the moon has been flipped giving it the "eclipse" style. Ruffian is not the only or first to start this trend but they are leading the pack with innovative designs and color combination's. The gold mixed with that gorgeous blue is to die for! I MUST try this, right after I get my nails to grow a bit longer. The second photo of the Red Ruffian manicure was featured on the runway for Christian Dior Spring 2010. The other two photos from Vogue Italia feature Sasha Pivovarova sporting the manicure, you need to look closely. I found a great blog that has an easy guide on how to get a Ruffian Manicure, it's Lacquerized-check out this awesome blog!


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