Delfina Delettrez- Skulls & Bones

Hollywood Skulls and bones sticks and stones. Delfina Delettrez is an Italian fashion designer and fourth generation Fendi, her mother is Silvia Fendi. She also has the added luck of having the French jeweler Bernard Delettrez as her father. Delfina started making jewelry at the age of 19 for herself and her friends had officially debuted her first collection at Paris Fashion Week 2007. She uses inspiration from all over but she's a master of taking the theme of death using figures such as skulls, bones, knives along with creepy night crawlers turning them into jeweled pieces of art such as the 5 Finger Skeleton Hand Ring pictured above. Fashion addicts everywhere greedily lust after her beautifully created macabre pieces. Not all women have a taste for lace, flowers & frilly things. A huge market has always been there for accessories embellished with the allure of darken mysteries that fan club includes myself. My long found obsession for things of a Gothic nature especially skulls, has found me completely in love with Delfina Delettrez jewelry.

Availability:Delfina Delettrez
, Louisa Via Roma, Colette
Prices start $240 +
check website for additional stores

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