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Perfumes have been an important part of culture since ancient times, whether used for vanity purposes or in sacred ritual. The global fragrance industry makes an estimated 25.6 billion dollars {since 2008} in revenue and is still growing. Nothing can make a woman feel special and sophisticated quite like wearing a unique signature scent. I thought I would type up this small reference guide with a few useful tips and advice on making your perfume last longer, proper storage, fragrance family & fragrance notes and perfume concentrations, in order to help anyone who is interested. It's not professional, just information and tips I have gathered. If you have anything else to add feel free to add it in the comment section. First know which perfume types are out on the market because a perfume is categorized by certain scent features which I will list below with an example. Every year new fragrances are introduced so the type of perfume out there become more numerous.

Perfume Types:
  • Floral: scents are created around one type of flower or from a bouquet of several flowers.Such flowers as lily, jasmine and tuberose are used.These seem to be the most popular fragrances.
  • Fruit: these scents use the aromas of fruits such as melon, lemon, orange blossom, etc. which make them light, fresh and fruity. Citrus is the oldest official fragrance family dating back to colognes in the 1700's.
  • Ocean: these scents are some of the newest types based on synthetic ingredients which smell like fresh ocean water.The Ozonic notes which are synthesized to smell like wet air after a thunderstorm are used.
  • Green: these scents are made with distinct aromas which remind you of the environment such as grass,woods, lavender & green tea. They are crisp scents.
  • Oriental: these scents are based on exotic spices and flowers such as sandalwood, clove, musk & resins which make them reminiscent of the Far East.In 1925 Guerlain introduced this first scent under it's Shalimar Perfume. because these types are very strong and gained popularity in the 80's many big company's banned them from use in the office. These are the less popular scents unless you have a strong liking for them as an individual.
  • Chypre: this scent category is the smallest but make for the most unique group of perfumes, you will either love it forever or not at all. The basic note here is an oak moss which gives it a very specific aroma of soil. Other scents used are ciste labdanum with complimentary notes of bergamot and patchouli.Think Gucci Rush
Next is Perfume Concentrates: Perfumes are divided according to content of the fragrance
  • Eau de Cologne for Men: 3 to 5 % of perfume concentrate- lasts 1 to 3 hours
  • Eau de Toilette for Women: 4 to 8% of perfume concentrate-lasts 4 to 6 hours
  • Eau de Parfum for Woman: 8 to 15% of perfume concentrate-lasts 6 to 8 hours
  • Parfum for Women: 10 to 20% of perfume concentrate making it the strongest type and has the potential to cling all day.It is also the most expensive form of a scent.
  • Eau de Fragrance Water: mainly a splash-lasts 1 to 3 hours
  • Perfume Oil: made from the essential oil of the flowers and can have up to 40% concentration.These are hard to find and if found they are sold in grams,1.2 oz to 1 oz size.

The Notes of a Perfume listed with a mini reference. They are Top, Middle and Bottom Notes:
  • Top notes: the first impression of the perfume when applied. The top notes are usually volatile and don't last long, generally around 10 minutes. Top notes usually consist of citrus fragrances.
  • Middle notes: also know as the heart notes,these emerge when the top note disappears and can last up to an hour. Middles notes generally consist of vanilla and gardenia and floral and this is the second aroma felt.
  • Bottom notes: or base note, is the final scent sensed in a fragrance and is what lasts on your skin.These notes are rich and deep like musks and sandalwood's.

How to make perfume last on your skin: Perfume is best applied on a body's "warm" spots where blood vessels flow near the skin giving away the warmth of out body outside. These spots work as small fragrance pumps. Such as:

  • behind the ears
  • on the wrists
  • inner part of elbows
  • inner part of knees
  • on the neck near the collarbone
  • the small of your back
  • the tip your belly button,earlobes your feet-I added these for fun

Perfume will last longer on oilier skin than dry skin so make sure you are well moisturized. Tricks to make your scent last longer are:

  • dab a tiny amount of Vaseline or scentless body oil or an oily cream prior to the perfume on the exact area where you want to add the scent, the oil will make your fragrance last longer.
  • layer your fragrance by using shower/bath wash and then using a body lotion in the same scent before applying the perfume. The layering effect will allow the scent to cling longer.
  • apply a spritz of the perfume in the air and walk under the scent to allow the scent to linger on your clothing as well.
  • after dabbing perfume you may want to spritz the same scent in a spray form over the perfume by mixing the concentrations which gives a greater strength.
  • choose the strongest concentration, being a parfum for maximum scent wear
  • apply your perfume to wet hair and comb through which will give you a wonderful waft whenever you shake your hair throughout the day.

Also rubbing your wrists together will not kill the top notes but the heat from the friction will make the scent last longer, just do it gently don't grind into your skin.Plus want to be unique, it's okay to mix and match scents to custom blend to your liking.

A trip for traveling: Use solid perfume, these are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in tubes, tins, roll on pens and even fashionable jewelry such as rings or pendant charms. The benefit of solid perfume is that you won't irritate your traveling companion especially in close tight spaces as on an air plane and the solid perfumes gives your longer lasting scent because of the balm formula which usually will have a cream with moisture to it.

How to store your perfume at home: Never keep your perfume in or near the light or heat, these things are your perfumes worst enemy and don't forget that includes a steamy bathroom. Store the perfume in a box or cabinet and make sure it is a nice cool dark spot. Most scents can last a lifetime in stored properly. If you find a perfume you can't live without and it becomes your signature scent,then stock up on some bottles because a manufacturer can stop making your favorite scent and discontinue it without notice.

Don't really know what scent you should be or what family of fragrance you are, try these tips but remember just experiment until you find a scent that uplifts you then you'll know it's for you. Also don't judge a scent to quickly the first whiff you get is the top notes but the scent changes drastically within the first half hour as the middle and bottom notes are revealed. Apply a test spray then walk around awhile and see how your like the scent before you make that purchase. Ask for samples to take home.

Match your personality with a scent below:

  • Free Spirit: go for a fruity citrus blend
  • Earth Angel: try woody fragrances with sandalwood and oak moss
  • Glamour Girl :exotic oriental spices are just your thing
  • A Classic: floral fragrances which are ever popular will do
  • Nature Lover: crisp green scents and oceanic notes will lift your spirits

Feel free to try and test lot's of samples, ask the counter lady to give you some extra's. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

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