Make Up Artisit Skin Glow Secrets

Skin Glowing Tips
Here are some great tips from NY make-up artist Jordan Long and getting the most out of combining two different products for perfect glowing skin! Jordan says,"By blending two different products you get the flexibility to make your skin totally natural."

  • Rosy Pink Lips:Lipstick + Balm. This combination will give your lips the most lip-like tint.Just blend with your fingers to tone down the red in lipstick to give you a sheer stain.

  • Dewy Skin:Highlighter + Body Cream. Rub any highlighter stick on your hand and then mix with the body cream.Apply it to your chest,shoulders,cheekbones or wherever you want a glowing dewy look on your skin. Will catch the light on your skin in a beautiful way.
  • Subtle Tawniness:Bronzer + Face Mist.Use a bronzer that isn't overly shimmery and a large powder brush.Brush the bronzer along your cheeks,forehead and bridge of the nose.Then finish with a spritz of toning face spray to set the look.It gives your skin luminosity.
  • Flawless Skin:Concealer + Eyeliner Brush. Try dotting dry concealer onto blemishes or broken capillaries with an eyeliner brush to give your skin flawless and precise coverage.By using a dry concealer stick it keeps the make-up from moving and gives you that lasting coverage all day.

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