Giacometti's Walking Man Sold $104.3

Sotheby's of London announced Italian-Swiss Artist Alberto Giacometti's "L'Homme Qui Marche 1" The Walking Man 1 sold for a world record of any art auction at the price of $104.3 million. The sculpture shows an emaciated man with existentialist angst. I'm certain the sale would have made Ayn Rand proud.  At the first news of this auction I was baffled to why people with wealth make purchases on the most ridiculous things with obscene price tags even though I sincerely can appreciate the emotional and social value of art collecting. Strangely enough I find it ironic that the monetary worth of this bronze man is almost in direct conflict to the symbolic meaning behind the artist's concept of it. In my mind I believe if the sculpture could talk it would have told the anonymous buyer to have spent his enormous wealth on feeding/saving and educating all needy children of world who are living, breathing visions of human emaciated sculptures and to leave his lonely, sad, creepy bronzed figure in a museum for all of us to enjoy and ponder upon. To read more about this visit Bloomberg Site for the details.

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