Farewell: Fashion to Leave Bryant Park

An era has ended, no more New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park! The new locations for future shows will be held at Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center. The reason given by IMG Fashion, the event organizers, is that the new location offers room for more tents and better parking. I say phooey! Since when do New Yorker's not know how to deal with the madness of no parking? Everyone walks in this city anyway and driving around in a car will make you go psycho. A lot of skeptics say this decision for a new move might cause some designers to hold their shows elsewhere because it's located further uptown and farther away from fashion offices. The Fashion event at Bryant Park has been going on since it's birth in 1993 and I remember because I was there as a fashion student when this event took off and loved all the excitement, the buzz and the occasional model and celebrity sightings were nice too. In 2006 the Park owners decided to end the shows at Bryant Park because they claimed it was interfering with the public but then changed it's mind because of all the revenues from tourism for the event, around $466 million. But it looks like it's a done deal this time around. I think it's just a bad move and and an annoyance. Somehow Fashion Week all the way uptown at Lincoln Center in my opinion just isn't very fashionable. But time marches on and change comes around and change whether it's a good idea or not will not be stopped by anyone. So farewell to Bryant Park.

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