Western Geisha & Schadenfreude

                                                                                                                                                               I'm sitting at home relaxing after all the cooking and craziness of the holidays and catching up on reading some of my neglected magazines and found a couple of non fashion articles which I think are interesting. They're both from Marie Claire Dec/Jan issues. I searched the online site and the articles are there so I don't have to scan them. First Article: Schadenfreude-Scha·den·freu·de: \shä-d n-froi-d \n.: taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others esp. boastful friends, unscrupulous colleagues, billionaire bankers, and celebrities who are famous for no good reason. I have known girlies who had Scha·den·freu·de fever since kindergarten and they are probably seasoned Schadenfreuder's by now. I Personally, I think this is one of those behavior disorders that most women have but are not even aware of. Where's the sisterhood love?
Schadenfreude Article from Marie Claire

Second Article: The First Western Geisha: The second article is about the first western Geisha in Japan and the it portrays a picture of the modern day life of. It's very interesting.

Western Geisha Article from Marie Claire

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