Taupe: The Must Have Eye Color + My Own Faves

I have had an obsession with this color since my tween days when I accidentally found a sandy cream lipstick at the drugstore in a clearance bin of all places. A lifetime love affair with Taupe had begun. What can I say I was fashion forward at such a young age. It is the MUST HAVE shade in your beauty wardrobe  so I decided to do an entire post dedicated to the queen of the essential shadows. Taupe can be brown and it sometimes comes off as grey, stone or even a super dark plum. Taupe is not one specific color and it's pigment varies in tone depth and intensity when applied to your lids. Depending on the color it can be part of the warm, neutral or cool family so it's not easily classified. It's like the little green chameleon that isn't green at all and it compliments just about every woman and every hair color. It has also been a model favorite and best kept secret for years because it gives you the most perfect natural eye but that doesn't mean it's for the daytime only because you can achieve lots of smoky looks and taupe is super blendable with other shades. This fabulous color is sometimes labeled as stone, mushroom, sand, slate, plum taupe, wheat and other dual names with taupe injected at the end or just plain taupe. Use it as a highlighter or base color or an old trick you can use is to get a really dark variety of taupe and smudge it into the crease of your eye. You can get it in pearls, sheen's, creams and matte's. Matte is the most amazing form to wear Taupe in my opinion. I'm just so in love with this color it makes you look like your are just enhancing your features without that make-up look which is what every woman wants.

Eyes get a natural boost wit taupe shadows and taupe works great as a lip color but on some women a deeper taupe or darker nude lip is necessary because it might make your face look pale. Although I have very pale yellow based skin and I actually love the way it mutes my skin tone, a personal preference I guess. Let's not forget the nails because nails look gorgeous in nude taupe's! I remember two of my favorite taupe shades that I have used to death since high school which have since been dead buried and discontinued which were Cover Girls Sand Lipstick and eyeshadow but not the new version they have and Maybelline's Brown Eyed Susan eye shadow. I still have a little bit left in that tube but for obvious reasons I don't use it. I guess I kept it for sentimental reasons. I have too many taupe & nude shades to show in one shot so here is a photo of some of them which include Lancome, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Revlon, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Heidi Klum and Cover Girl.

Some of my fave taupe products in my collection

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