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These are a few chick items worth mentioning. The really sweet fact is the price tag which is reasonable except for that very sassy biker jacket. I can't afford it so I'll dream on but if you can go ahead and enjoy it and I will secretly abhor you and if I see you walking down the street with "My" jacket on I will gladly confiscate it.

Really cute and very thrifty trendy and kitsch jewelry like the ladybug ring $9.99 available at Girl Props. Beautiful journals and stationery like the tea pot book pictured $8.50 available at Girls of All Work. Amazing Fat Lip Balms from Eyeko Cosmetics $10 each at Cherry Culture. If you like Japanica products then you will love these, have quite a few in the minty flavor and they have a fresh mint scent and cute graphics on the over sized tubes.The sexy shoes are from Steve Madden and cost $109.95 style Zephyrr {a bit pricey but hey there not Versace's either}. The lush scented luxury coconut glam soap from Italian soap makers Nesti Dante is available at Smallflower for $7.95 and comes elegantly boxed and check out the entire site for lovely and exotic products from all over the world. Now back to that sweet biker jacket that is a whopping 864 GBP that's $1,399.68 in good ole US dollars. Available at Matches Fashion and is from Christopher Kane

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  1. Dang it! I want that jacket that is Phattttt with a capital P.Hmmmmm I would good in that I really would now if I could conjure up some moolah


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