Look Book 1:Marni


A style layout I did using all Marni clothing. I love Marni! I title this look ITALIAN GREY GARDEN. If I had a decent photo shop program I would have organized the photos better and made the gif's clear, overlapping hem onto the board. It only took like 10 minutes for me to pick and style the outfits so it's not that great. All the items I chose are interchangeable with each other and you can get over 4 looks with the garments when mixed and matched. Great for day to evening looks. The eye and blush makeup palette is Celubutante from Benefit in the rose family and a purple sheen eye-shadow from Urban Decay. The lip gloss is a sheer nude pink from Victoria's Secret, plus I threw in the red lips for fun! Scent is Victor & Rolf Sparkle FlowerBomb and the other scent is Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur Perfume --  to change up your mood. Nail color is Chanel and all the accessories are Marni as well. I plan on doing more of these just for inspiration. If you need me to put together a certain look just ask me and I'll try to help.


  1. Too pink for me but I love the greys and the way you made it all so nice and put together

  2. Thank you ;)
    Look for me to do more in the near future

  3. So what shade is that purple shadow in


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