January 4, 2010

The Jackie Onassis Lunch Diet

Since were at the beginning of a new year and it's the perfect time for a new health regimen I thought I would add this little tid-bit. An old astrology and health book I have lists this as part of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis {a Leo} daily lunch. It consists of one large baked potato {yes I said potato!} topped with caviar and a glass of champagne. She ate this consistently as a lunch time treat and I have tried it in the past {of course watching what I eat throughout the day as well} and you can lose weight with this. Ehhhm...minus the daily champagne! Well caviar isn't actually worth a box of crackers but you can still top your tater with veggies and smoked salmon if you feel extra special. I used to pour left over lentils on top and sometimes just olive oil drizzled with fresh ground pepper! Who the heck doesn't like a potato! I'm going to start a potato revolution with this, pass it around ladies or sshhh! keep it to yourselves wink wink ;) The potato is an amazing vegetable. No fat, no cholesterol, low carbs {about 28g} it regulates your blood sugar and keeps the sugar cravings down and steadies your heart beat as well as helps lower blood pressure and easy on your digestive system. God made nutrition great and man added all the crap to it. It's the added junk dressing and fry method that gives this little bud a bad rap. I think I shall take up my little potato lunch again... Now if I only could afford some of this Iranian Osetra I would be a happy little clam

IRANIAN OSETRA — A pearl of Persia, the large bead of this caviar ranges from dark brown to a brilliant amber color. With a pronounced nutty pop, this osetra is refined with a full sea flavor. Pice $300 per ounce $4,800 per lb. www.californiacaviar.com Got any healthy lunch or diet tips, add in the comments.

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