Fantasy Shoe:Versace 2010

My fantasy shoes right now: Versace's 2010 Spring/Summer shoe collection, which was inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, out this March. Versace said “I loved the idea of that fantasy land,”. And yes the platform shoes are still going strong and here to stay! I find platform shoes the most comfortable to wear and who doesn't love the added length. You see a mix of bright pastels, fantastic geometric shapes and Baroque curled prints in this collection. As for the rest of her collection, unlike the 80's retro look seen elsewhere, it was very feminine and chic with long flowing gowns. Leave it to Donatella to pull it off! Now if only the shoes would somehow magically be available in a not so fantasy wonderland price I would be a happy as the mad hatter at tea time. Btw, my favorite is the lilac and nude strappy platform which is the last one pictured here.


  1. Oh my goodness.I'm a shoe fiend but these scare me.Can anyone really walk in these?

  2. These are the best shoes to walk in, they balance you out ;) Did you know women who have longer legs earn more money in a year! This is one way to get that look, get to steppin in these shoes ladies! LOL! ^;^


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