Blumarine & Blugirl Spring 2010

I put together some looks from Blumarine and Blugirl both lines from one of Italy's top selling and hottest designer Anna Molinari. These cutting edge labels always inspire fresh casual style with a touch of whimsical charm. The top row are looks from the Blugirl line-Blumarine style for younger girls-and the following rows are all from Blumarine. You can't tell from the photo but I saw it at a closer view, the green stripe Blugirl top featured with the green ruffled skirt is superbly embellished with sequins on the collar, it's fantastic! The materials in your hand are to die for! There is nothing like the feel or quality of Italian textiles to the touch. I love how chic and genteel the Blugirl dresses are. So prim and proper ready for tea time in a spring garden but without that old outdated snooty grand dame look to it. The entire collection screams SPRINGTIME FRESH. As for the labels name, it's Anna Molinari's love of the Mediterranean Ocean.

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  1. Yes Springtime Is what I thought now i would definitely rock most of those pieces so colorful and flirty.I can see me now strolling through Central Park!


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