Bigelow Chemist & The Cure Shop

I had to restock my Bigelow's Rose Wonder Cold Cream and was so worried they discontinued it but viola they still had it! I found the place when I was going to school in the city years ago. This stuff is amazing but I don't really use it as a make-up remover I use it as a moisturizer in the winter when I get little dry patches. I loathe roses or the smell of roses but this is bearable because it's subtle and light and the consistency is almost like a balm so you only need a few pats of the product. I also found Indian Earth still available! Someone gave me one of these little stone jars when I was a little girl and I loved the glow. It's been a nostalgic day all around. If your in the city and never visited Bigelows you must! This place has been around forever and has products from all over the world as well as their own brand that they manufacture. Wonderful apothecaries and toiletries and cosmetics stock the shelves. Call for store location 1-212-533-2700. Or ask to have a catalog sent to your home but the best way to experience Bigelows is to visit. I also discovered another pharmacy called The Cure Shop. They have this cute little packaged lip gloss from Dianne Brill that is made up like a little bon bon and the price is a little over $20 but it's a bigger size than most lip gloss pots with a variety of great colors. Located 3rd Avenue between 60 and 61st Street New York

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