August 17, 2016


 *product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*

Hello lovelies! I'm excited to introduce my readers to a new product from JOICO: Hair Shake Liquid To Powder Finishing Texturizer Spray. Hair Shake allows you to achieve and maintain flirty beachy waves with a boost of volume and shine. I also have to mention the adorable beach themed gifts included in my PR box, a beach ball, palm tree bottle opener and a cute sugar cookie. I almost wanted to save the cookie because the beach painting and little pink sugar flip-flops looked too gorgeous to eat. I said almost... Cookie monster, yum, yum, yum. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Texturize, volumize, dramatize with Joico's Hair Shake! You’ll know it’s radically different the second you shake the bottle: That’s when the stainless steel ball we’ve tucked inside (think paint-can genius) begins to work its magic, turning our extraordinary new liquid-to-powder texturizer into a micro-fine mist that amps up hair with the most touchable, velvety-soft, mega-volume finish. Spray it, layer it, play with it…and get a dose of damage protection in a single shot. Hair Shake is the perfect choice for: Any hair type, texture, or color–but especially brilliant on strands that need a texture boost or some, shall we say, “oil absorption”.a

 sweet treat in my beach inspired package, a cookie and brass palm tree bottle opener

Formula: The non-sticky spray adds volume and texture to hair using a liquid-to-powder formula. Also, the spray comes out in a nice, even flow so there's no fuss and no mess. On my curly hair, Hair Shake helped add bounce and definition to each strand of curl, however, it works well on any type of hair -- even on color-treated -- to create wavy locks in the same manner that salt water from a day at the beach does. And there's no crunchy or powdery residue left behind, only soft to the touch, voluminous hair. One last mention, the scent is a refreshing floral. I love that Hair Shake helps extend that "summer" look to hairstyles even after days of swim and surf start dwindling down towards the end of the season. With Joico Hair Shake, beachy beautiful hair is only a shake away!

Discover on Twitter: #HAIRSHAKE #HAIRJOI
Availability: Joico, Ulta Beauty, Loxa Beauty, Hair Shake, $13-$18

August 15, 2016


 *product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*

Hello gorgeous readers! I have yet another sweet product to review from a rapidly growing cult skincare brand: Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask. Yes. It is as lush as it sounds and contains fresh, organic farm grown Echinacea GreenEnvyTM Honey. Growing up in a Mediterranean household, honey was a secret ingredient in "beauty recipes" as well as in food prep, so, of course this makes me a firm believer of natural healing products. And you can learn more about honey potion by viewing the informative embedded video, before continuing on to my review further down below. Stay Sweet! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Fall under the spell of Farmacy Beauty’s new Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask with Echinacea GreenEnvyTM Honey. The first in Farmacy Beauty’s debut line of honey products, Honey Potion is an innovative warming massage mask that nourishes and revitalizes the skin for a glowing, smooth complexion. Through an intensely moisturizing combination of honey (a natural humectant used since ancient times), propolis (a healing antiseptic found in beehives) and amino acid-rich royal jelly, the mask enhances skin renewal for a younger appearance. 

Farmacy Brand Video from Farmacy Beauty on Vimeo.

magnetic spatula clings to top for safe keeping

Formula: The mask consistency is rich, thick and luxurious -- with a fresh honey scent. It includes an innovative magnetic metal spoon for application that allows the spoon to stick to the jar's top in order to keep it from being lost or misplaced. Genius! My results of using honey potion was that it made my skin feel baby soft and hydrated without that dry, taut feeling generally associated with typical masks. Also, while you apply it on the skin, you feel feel a lovely warm sensation that is quite relaxing. It's like experiencing a spa treatment at home. With continued use, a youthful skin glow will follow. The formula contains a unique patented variety of Echinacea Purpurea GreenEnvy, a super high concentration of a potent antioxidant. What this means is that the mask will help protect and firm skin by preventing enzymes form breaking down collagen. You will start to see a more evened-out skin tone that radiates with youthfulness. Of course, you can use the product with confidence knowing that it's cruelty-free and formulated with natural, organic ingredients. A little added bonus is the glamorous glass container that the honey is packaged in -- the little details mean a lot. Available to buy now at QVC and Sephora. Purchase one for yourself, or as a lovely house warming gift for a friend.
Availability: QVC, Sephora, Honey Mask, $56, 4.1 oz

August 9, 2016


Hello gorgeous readers! A short but magical post for today and it's all about the Mermaid Crown Trend. My inner past life mermaid cannot be contained right now. I'm sure you have been seeing flower crown's floating around fashion feeds lately but this ocean inspired version takes it to a whole new level. If you're ever having a bad day and forget who you are, even for just a second, throw one of these beauties on, adjust and rule. Yaaasss Queen. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Mermaid Crowns featured in this post are created by Chelsea Flower Crowns, a florist master from Australia. The shells used in the crown are collected from beaches around the world where they are available in large, natural supplies. Also, she donates 30% of proceeds to various charities. We like that! No. We LOVE that! Check out her website and her IG Feed, listed below, and be prepared to have your mind blown!

 images property of Chelsea Flower Crowns

Availability: IG @ChelseasFlowerCrowns
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