September 2, 2014


 The Revenge Is Infinite Palette created by NYX is another purchase I made during my break. I uploaded images on my Instagram weeks back but wanted to do a full review on this since the item is still being sold in stores. Keep in mind that it's a limited edition kit so if you're interested grab one before it's gone. I really didn't need the make-up inside here but I'm such a huge fan of the television series, wanted the infinity box badly (my weird quirk thing with the symbol) and only paid $13 with reward card points making it an irresistible offer I just couldn't pass up! Of course the allure behind the palette is the secret compartment in the box as well as two tutorials for creating both looks.

Inspired by the ABC hit series Revenge, NYX has created this limited edition palette to capture the beauty of the lead characters Emily and Victoria. DIMENSION: 8.89 (W) X 7”(D) X 1.96 (H) EYE SHADOWS: 0.3 OZ. (9 G) BLUSHERS: 0.39 OZ. (11.4 G) LIP CREAMS: 0.12 OZ. (3 G)

Formula: The shadows, blushes and lip creams are the typical NYX standards with decent pigmentation. However some shadows are slightly more dry and chalky than others while the lip creams are not sticky and wear well for a couple of hours. They work better if you apply primer underneath. Each color has a juicy name that ties in with the series theme such as Intrigue, Power and Infinity plus the shades are wearable and non-glittery. Construction: The box is rather largely constructed out of a thick cardboard material which is meant to mimic Emily Thorne's wooden revenge box in design. It's almost nine inches in width and also includes a center mirror with two slot's that hold two different tutorial cards. The entire inside background has infinity symbols stamped on a black background as well as the large red infinity symbol on the box cover. A fun touch is the sentence Revenge is infinite stamped on the side of the box flap where the magnetic closure is located. When you pull out the palette the box is hollow and incredibly deep allowing you to store a plethora of goodies! You can hide love letters, jewelry or your revenge list inside. Wink Wink... As I mentioned, I only purchased it for the box and because I'm a fan but the makeup is decent enough for everyday use. Do you have any secrets you would like to hide? Stay Beautiful! XOXO
Availability: NYX, Mass retail $25

E.L.F. Disney Snow White + Ariel Product Images


 Here's hoping that everyone enjoyed the weekend holiday! I'm letting my members know that regular blogging has officially resumed and loads of major skincare products will be reviewed soon. But before I get into those I'll be posting items purchased when I was on my break. The images above show what the actual palette and brushes look like from the recent E.L.F. Disney Princess Snow White and Ariel Collection. You can read more about it by going back several posts to the original write-up from last month and to view the entire collection (such as Snow White cosmetic case and eye shadow quad) visit my Instagram account. I wanted to mention that the brush set has really large brushes that are well made and comes with an adorable Snow White case that turns into a brush stand. I'll probably be adding more detailed images on my Instagram account if you would like to check back because I'm trying to focus on new product blog reviews in the upcoming weeks. The formula for the blush and eye shadow are the exact same quality as you would find in the permanent ELF line with the exception of the Disney packaging. The powders and lip gloss have decent pigmentation and can be used as adult cosmetic even though they are adorably packaged for the younger set. You can find  them being sold in drugstores such as Walmart although most of the items have already sold out. You'll have to visit the store to scour the shelves for the last remnants if you can't find them online. Have you purchased anything from the collection? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Target, Walmart, Walgreen

August 29, 2014



I meant to post this before my break but never had the chance so here is the press release for the new Hello Kitty Anniversary Collection at Sephora.  Target stores will also be carrying some of the anniversary items as well. I purchased several of their past products from the brand a couple of years back and I'm excited to see what new items will be introduced this year. I know one item that Sephora will be selling exclusively is a gorgeous handheld vanity mirror bedazzled with Swarovski crystals. I already saw a photo of it online and it's beautiful! They sold one from the previous collection for around $500! I wonder if they'll offer more reasonably priced items this time around. Hmmm, probably not. When they make product photos available from the collection I'll post them up for you guy's. Who's ready for Hello Kitty! Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend. Stay beautiful! XOXO

This year marks the 40th anniversary of pop icon Hello Kitty. To celebrate its beribboned brand, parent company Sanrio is unveiling new product collaborations and its first Hello Kitty fan convention. To honor Hello Kitty, make-up Mecca Sephora is set to create an anniversary signature collection that will hit stores later this year. Other partnerships include Mikimoto, Minnetonka, and Chan Luu, as well as the Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL). The lineup will also include new product launches from popular collaborators Vans, New Era, Swarovski, McDonald’s, tokidoki and more. Sanrio is also hosting a premiere fan convention for the Japanese cat. The Hello Kitty Fan Con will be held in Little Tokyo, L.A., and it will run from October 30 to November 2, coinciding with Hello Kitty‘s official birthday on November 1. The convention will be presented by Sanrio in conjunction with mega-retailer Target. The duo is celebrating over 15 years of partnership with a limited edition Hello Kitty product for the event. Target will also offer Hello Kitty 40th anniversary product collections at Target stores and online, beginning September 14. Sanrio will also be continuing last year’s Share a Hug with Hello Kitty! Campaign. The hugathon features Hello Kitty at special events, where the hugs she gives to fans are tallied and added to Sanrio’s Global Hug Report. Sanrio will be announcing the new products and collaborations throughout the year, as the countdown to Hello Kitty Con kicks off.

Availability: Sephora, Target, Starts September 14, 2014
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