August 25, 2014

Inside The VitaVox Box!

As most of my Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter followers already know, this is the latest Influenster campaign that I was selected to be part of, the VitaVoxBox. I shared my opinions and photos with you guy's on all my other social media platforms and wanted to do a blog post about it today. My favorite product would have to be the Soft Lip Cube lip balm because of it's silky moisturizing formula without the waxiness of other balms. It's perfect for my sensitive lips! The Pure Leaf tea really tastes like strong fresh brewed tea and has natural ingredients without any artificial colors and we love that. As from my past reviews the Playtex Fresh Balance Sport tampons have great protection and odor shield so you can play hard instead of sitting on the sidelines. The hardest product to test was the Bikini Ready gummy chews. The suggested serving is five pieces and my packet only had two so I couldn't tell you if they gave me that burst of energy or helped my metabolism as stated from the manufacturer. The initial taste was a fruity flavor that soon dissipated into a medical after taste. With a better flavor formula and more product to test out I would consider giving it another try since I'm always experiencing  periods of low energy throughout the day. You can read my review for the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future serum in the previous post below this one. It's a glow enhancing skin serum that makes your face radiates and feel softer. And as I mentioned in my review for the First Degree burn cream, it really came in handy when I was cooking in the kitchen. I'm accident prone and always burn myself while baking and this cream took the sting out of the burn and calm down my inflamed skin. A great essential household product to always have on hand for emergencies. For more information, images and my reviews please check all my social media links listed at the top of the page. Now go out and try some of these amazing products! Stay beautiful! XOXO

Availabilty: Brand websites, Mass Retail

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Ceramide Caplet Serum

*Product was included in an Influenster VoxBox, my opinion is honest and my own*
*Product is not cruelty free, I have no choice in item selection and am obliged to review them*
Thank you for understanding

HELLO!  I'm back! Well in semi-full swing until I can recuperate into the blog routine once again and I'm still working on my side project that needs more time until it's complete. How have you guy's been? I hope your making the most of the last days of summer and having lot's of fantastic fun! Now for the mini-review of the day: I say mini because the product sample size is a trial amount which doesn't allow me a fair chance to see long term results. The product in question is the new Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum sent to me as part of my Influenster Vitality VoxBox kit. You might have seen my posts, photos and tweet's from last week and today I'll be sharing some thoughts on what I think about this interesting caplet serum.

 Flawless Future steps in when your hectic lifestyle shows on your skin. This advanced skincare system with a fine-tuned blend of barrier supporting Ceramides, protective protein complex and powerful skin brighteners helps intercept early aging signs, so your skin looks stress-free, even when you aren’t. This luxurious serum featuring suspended caplets, rejuvenates the look of tired skin for a smooth, radiant and energized complexion instantly and over time. Each mini-caplet contains a Second Skin Protective Matrix that when dispensed, bursts to combine with the powerful ingredients within the serum. The silky formula of Ceramide Skin Identical Matrix, Telosense™, Skin Brighteners and Pore Refiners absorbs quickly to support the skin’s protective barrier to help improve its resistance to fine lines. In addition, skin tone, radiance and the appearance of pores are all visibly improved. Immediate Skin feels hydrated and moisturized. Skin texture and radiance are improved for a smooth and radiant looking complexion. Short-term effects of stress on skin are relieved.

Formula: This silky serum contain little pearl beads that mixed together and applied on the skin transforms into a smooth luxurious lotion. It goes on quickly and absorbs rapidly. The little beads gives off a luminous subtle opalescence finish on your face without a glittery effect. I found that it made my skin glow really nicely. The best part is that it dries off matte and does not flake or pill which makes it suitable for use under my foundation. Most serums can be sticky and interfere with other products such as a moisturizer but this has a beautiful dry finish. My face looks radiant in the morning and feels soft. As for the benefits of clear and smoother skin I couldn't honestly tell you as I need to wear it everyday for weeks to get complete results but so far I love it as a glowing skin product. I don't like the fact that the brand is not cruelty free and that the price point is high. I suppose if it works with suggested use over time it might make the splurge worth it. Have you tried this? Stay beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Elizabeth Arden, Dept. Stores, online merchants $60 one ounce

August 1, 2014


Hey blog member's! I'm letting you guy's know that as of now Venus Loves Virgo is officially on a break. It's my birthday soon and I desperately needed some time off. Also as I mentioned before I'm working hard on completing a creative project and want to throw all my free time and energy into that. It won't be a long break so hopefully normal blogging should resume in a few weeks. Don't worry I'll still be tweeting and posting products and stuff on my Instagram account. A thank you for all the lovely post comments and support to my long time subscribers and to all the newbies who decided to follow. I hope everyone continues to have an amazing fantastical summer! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

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