November 21, 2014

DIVERGENT Sephora Exclusive Multi-Piece Collectors Kit Plus Multi-Piece Collectors Palette

Multi-Piece Collector's Palette


Items featured above, both limited edition exclusives from Sephora, the Divergent Multi-Piece Collectors Kit and Multi-Piece Collectors Palette, released early March of this year and sold out by June. I was surprised with both sets as birthday gifts and never reviewed them because they were no longer being sold. I was also extremely busy at the time with side projects and forgot all about these palettes until recently when I started testing them out. After posting some images on my Instagram account, there was a request to review this so here's some brand info and my thoughts. I checked online for you guy's and surprisingly Amazon and eBay are selling them but for ridiculous prices, around $150 to $400. The original retail was about $60 and $40 for the smaller palette. The beautiful story behind this gift is that it was purchased by an insanely sweet woman whom I barely know. I sometimes volunteer to help my elderly aunt's Italian friends church group fill out forms/documents and other paperwork in English and this one time one of her friends had her daughter with her. We struck up a conversation about Divergent (the film) and I mentioned I saw the Sephora collector's palette and that I'm a beauty blogger. I expressed how I was trying to lay off the make-up shopping and save my money for creative projects. She insisted she buy them for me as a thank you for all the years of helping the church group. I was embarrassed to say the least because I'm not in the habit of taking things from strangers but she wouldn't take no for an answer because it's insulting to Italian people if you don't take a gift when offered. Sometimes nice people just cross our paths. I'm sorry for the extremely long post and all the images I uploaded. I hope many of you had the opportunity to buy one of these sets. Have a fabulous weekend. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

"Divergent" inspired limited-edition collection palettes come in range of neutral colors that are great for everyday wear which derive shades and blends from the different factions that exist in the "Divergent" world. The most intriguing pieces are High Pigment Eye Shadows and High Gloss Transforming Shadows that are transparent when dry, but show up translucent when wet. The magical eye shadows are described as "showcasing fluid, twinkling particles that look like they are suspended in air Multi-Piece Collectors Kit: three limited edition eye shadow palettes, a cheek palette, and four lip glosses inspired by the traits of each Divergent faction, and a double-ended application brush, this multi-piece kit includes everything to define your inner self.  For inspiration, three "Get-the-Look" cards are included and provide tips for creating different Divergent looks. Each of the three Eye Shadow Palettes contains four coordinating High Pigment Eye Shadows plus one High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadow to draw immediate attention to the eyes.  The transformer shades impart a diamond illusion, shimmery, mirror-like reflection that is transparent when applied dry, and translucent when applied wet, showcasing fluid, twinkling particles that look like they are suspended in air.  You can mix and match the High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadows to give you a unique look every time by breaking apart the palette and swapping with another.  Along with these 12 stunning shadows, the kit includes a Cheek Palette with two Long-Wear Blushes, Shimmering Bronzer and Radiant Glow Illuminator, four High Shine Lip Glosses and a Double-Ended Eye & Cheek Brush for flawless application." Multi-Piece Collectors Palette: limited edition all-in-one face palette. High-Pigment Eye Shadow in Candor Lace, Luminous Taupe, Envious Chocolate, Blush, Matte Bronzer, Lip Gloss in Artistic Mauve.

My thoughts: The quality is top notch and the product design is unique. The palette case has a holographic Ferris wheel design and the smaller palette is made of holographic metal. The individual palette cases are constructed of heavy plastic with shiny reflective silver hardware and the coating feels like a slick vinyl. They're really gorgeous! The pieces with the transformer shadows pull apart so you can match up any cube you like or throw an individual block into your purse. They connect apart like jigsaw puzzles. A transformer shade is meant to show up as a translucent special effect shadow when applied wet. The same for the lip glosses which remind me of the Hourglass brand. They're non-sticky and perfect wearable shades. The dual sided brush has synthetic bristles and picks up pigments with ease. You also receive tutorial cards for different Divergent looks and the shadow color names coincide with the movie theme. The entire collection is sophisticated and beautiful! I thought the bronzer and blush would be difficult to wear on my fair skin but in fact the pigments are semi-sheer and not as dark as they appear to be. A fabulous unique collection!

November 20, 2014

NEW! Callanan Trooper Nylon Puffer Hat

*product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*

It's finally starting to look and feel like winter in the city -- with strong gusty winds and temperatures dropping -- warm head-wear is essential. The new Callanan Trooper Puffer Hat is your most glamorous option! When I received my hat in person I was completely in love with the sleek style. Sportsmen, hunter and aviator looks are a hot trend in the fashion world right now and the puffer trooper hat will pair perfectly with equally trending bomber jackets. The shiny quilted construction, ribbon ties and metal hardware detailing imbues the hat with a sophisticated touch. Purchase your puffy trooper now and complete your overall outwear look with a modern edge.
The new nylon PUFF TROOPER with a warm fleece lining and faux fur trim is available in chocolate, red, silver and black, it retails for $30 and is the ideal winter accessory. Since it is one size and has so much universal appeal, it is perfect for a self purchase or gift giving. Dorfman Pacific’s designer head wear business grows stronger and stronger with the Callanan brand, a true leader in the women's sector. Established in 1987, the Callanan hat collection has been a marketplace favorite for almost thirty years. John Callanan started on his own but several years later met with Dorfman Pacific, where he has been designing his collection for the last 18 years, as one of the Dorfman Pacific brands. His label is one of the premier, high end brands for this leading hat company that boasts more than 20 brands within its portfolio. Once again, the hat designs by leading milliner John Callanan carry the Dorfman Pacific standard of great hat styling and high quality. Designer, John Callanan knows how to perfectly proportion shapes and how to incorporate decoration and detailing that is always exactly right, and expertly crafted with the ideal blend of materials. Each hat is supremely chic and elegant and appeals to a wide range of women who like just the right blend of edgy fashion and great taste. In fact, Fall 2014 exceeded sales of previous Fall seasons with the cloche and fedora styles still leading the way and casual looks gaining momentum, particularly Style LV231 nylon PUFF TROOPER with a warm fleece lining and faux fur trim.

Wear/Construction: The hat is well constructed of sleek quilted nylon, lined with super soft faux fur trim and plush fleece lining. Its virtually weightless and light but packs a lot warmth. Complete with long ribbon ties and a cool metal hardware tab detail. Its fit perfectly on my head and felt comfortable to wear. I already wore it a few days out since the temperatures dropped here in the city and it kept my head snug and cozy! I can't say enough about the style. It's just gorgeous and matches with any jacket I throw on. Whether you throw on a dressy wool coat or a denim jacket the trooper will keep you warm while making a fashion statement. The price point is affordable and cost effective as similar designer brands retail at a heftier price tag. I have a vintage Ralph Lauren plaid hunter hat of the same style that cost me double the price. Buy one for yourself or give the puffer trooper as a gift this holiday. Look good while keeping warm! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Hartford York Callanan Trooper Puffer Hat Style:LV231 $30.00

November 18, 2014


Up for review today is the new NYX Cosmetic Illuminator in shades Enigmatic and Ritualistic. Suffice it to say my long standing members know how I'm totally obsessed with highlighters. When I saw these two particular shades I decided to grab them. I think out of all the colors available these two seemed the best for my pale yellow skin tone. They're sparkly without glitter and add a lovely glow.

Brighten up your complexion! The radiant shimmer of this illuminator diffuses light so your skin looks vibrant and refreshed while adding a subtle glow. Available in 5 radiant colors. 
Formula: The powder is a light micro-fine shimmer with a slight creaminess to the formula. The two colors shown above are Enigmatic (soft pink with gold sheen) and Ritualistic (gold Sheen). Although ritualistic is a pale gold, to me it seems more of an icy pearl --which I love. And cool toned Enigmatic is one of the best sellers. You can't tell from the photo because it was hard to capture the shimmer in these two light shades but they are sparkly and add an instant glow and sheen to your face. The highlight has decent wear and there's no glitter to worry about. I like that the mirrored compacts are large and streamlined so they're really portable and the highlighters contain a good amount of product -- 9.5 grams to be exact. One of my fave NYX beauty buys to date. Ready to glow this holiday? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: NYX Illuminator Available in 5 shades $9 9.5 grams
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